S2 – Sensor Bulb


Has built-in modules for temperature and humidity sensors and is the first of its kind to run on a battery (for up to a year). Can also be used with AC Power. Hang just inside the roof vent to monitor exhaust air while the fans are running.

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How Does It Work?

The temperature and humidity of the air will determine the moisture of the grain in drying and storage bins. The Steps Smart Fan Switch monitors the outside air temperature and humidity. The Switch will turn the fan/s on and off automatically when the temperature or humidity are according to your settings. The Steps Bin Monitor reads the grain temperature and the headspace temperature and humidity. By comparing the grain temperature to the headspace temperature, you will know when the grain is cooled. By comparing the outside humidity to the headspace humidity, you will know the moisture of the grain.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Steps Smart Fan Control is $395.00
The Steps Bin Monitor is $595.00
The StepsGMS app is FREE
There is no subscription fee