Turn Anything on/off from anywhere.

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Our Applications

Check out our new product line for Agricultural Applications!

Agricultural Applications


Do you have to make a trip to the fields to engage your pivot system?

Not anymore. You can operate your pivot system directly from your smart phone.

Livestock Barns

Do you operate fans to keep your animals comfortable?

You can turn on/off fans at the touch of your fingertips without ever entering the barn.

Hay Storage

Are you worried that your hay was put away too wet?

Monitor the head space in your storage area to see if things are heating up.

Grain Bins

When do run your fans?

Run your fans at the right time saving energy and storing your grain at the proper moisture.


Do you rely on the weather forecast to know when to run your fans?

Get real time humidity and temperature readings from your smart phone and operate your fans at the optimal times.


First –  we will need to know what kind of problems you are having in your storage bins.

1. Spoilage

2. Shrink

3. Fines

Second –  we will analyze your existing grain bins.

Lastly –  we will make recommendations to correct issues and equip your bins to maintain the desired grain storage and train operators on grain management principles.

For more information on this service contact:

Eli Troyer – 419-630-6449



Check out our new product line for Home Applications

Home Applications That Simplify Your Life


Do you have a moisture problem in your basement?

Using the Steps Smart Switch can help you understand your basements needs.

In Your Home

Use the Steps Smart Switch to monitor the temperature and humidity throughout your home. Turn on lights, fans, etc. from your smart phone from anywhere.

Attic Fans

Are you running your attic fan at the right times?

Monitor the temperature and humidity in your attic and run your fan at optimal times.

How Does It Work?

The temperature and humidity of the air will determine the moisture of the grain in drying and storage bins. The Steps Smart Fan Switch monitors the outside air temperature and humidity. The Switch will turn the fan/s on and off automatically when the temperature or humidity are according to your settings. The Steps Bin Monitor reads the grain temperature and the headspace temperature and humidity. By comparing the grain temperature to the headspace temperature, you will know when the grain is cooled. By comparing the outside humidity to the headspace humidity, you will know the moisture of the grain.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Steps Smart Fan Control is $395.00
The Steps Bin Monitor is $595.00
The StepsGMS app is FREE
There is no subscription fee